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The Characters

Isabelle is a young, aspiring fashion designer who loves to create and wear funky, colorful, unique fashions. She carries a sketch book in her pocket to jot down ideas for new fashions. Isabelle's favorite subject in school is Art. She creates custom outfits for Jane to wear. Isabelle also likes to ride her bike and help Mom bake. 
Miss Frizzle is the Art Teacher at Picklewood Elementary School. She has loved art since she was a child herself. Her passion is teaching kids the "art of art" and how to express oneself through art. Her colorful personality and imagination decorate the art room with cheer and creativity.

Jane is Isabelle's younger sister. She and Isabelle love to play together. They play dolls, teacher and love to draw. Combined, they have over 800 crayons and markers! Isabelle teaches Jane what she learns in Art class.

Mom is a stay-at-home mom of Isabelle, Jane & Leo. She works as a part-time pastry chef and makes the most fabulous cakes for many different occasions! Mom also makes really good PBJ & banana sandwiches. Isabelle and Mom love to make earrings and fun hair clips together.

Dad is a pilot. He and the family fly to really neat places every summer for vacation. Mom and Dad met on an airplane. Dad "draws" in the grass with the lawn mower. His last design was a smiley face.

Leo is Isabelle's little brother. Now that he is crawling Isabelle has to keep all of her beads, buttons and embellishments up high. Isabelle and him play hide & seek almost everyday.

Kirby is the family dog. He loves car rides, playing fetch and camping. Jane always feeds Kirby her veggies under the table at dinnertime so that she doesn't have to eat them.

Tabby is the family cat. Dad found her while cutting the grass one day. Tabby follows Mom everywhere and is always carrying a little toy mouse in her mouth.