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The Story

Isabelle has a VERY unique style. She is a young, aspiring fashion designer and creates a funky new outfit for the first day of school. At school, she is made fun of and bullied by her classmates for being different. Isabelle is hurt by her classmates' name calling. To avoid further embarrassment, she changes her appearance to "blend in" and look "normal." After one too many changes, she loses her self expression and becomes.... INVISIBLE!

Isabelle panics when she realizes that she is invisible! Sad and confused, she wanders into the art room of Miss Frizzle, her quirky art teacher. Though Miss Frizzle cannot see Isabelle, her powerful and somewhat magical imagination allows her to "sense" Isabelle's presence. Miss Frizzle teaches Isabelle that she is identified by the things that make her unique. - And that without Isabelle's individualities and self-expression she will remain invisible! So, Miss Frizzle guides Isabelle through an art project that will restore her identity (thus, her visibility) - teaching Isabelle a "valuable lesson of self-expression!"

The Story's Message:
Isabelle's story teaches children to celebrate and accept their differences. It deals with the subject of bullying and name calling in a clever, imaginative way that is creatively written in rhyme.

Kids are picked on, made fun of and bullied for the most ridiculous things! As a result, they often conform to what is considered "normal," hoping to just "blend in." Children hide their differences, fearful that they will not be accepted. The story of "Invisible Isabelle" teaches children that it is OK to be different and that despite what others think and say, individualism and creativity should be accepted and celebrated.

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